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Magazine Summer 2011 

Northwestern State University of Louisiana 

Collins Pavilion 

Dr. Randall J. Webb, 1965, 1966 

President, Northwestern State University 

^^^^^^H A successful 2010-11 year at Northwestern State 
^^^^I^^H University is nearing its close and we can look back on a 
^^^^^^^B number of outstanding accomplishments. 

Northwestern received recognition in the U.S. News 
and World Report rankings for the first time, earning a spot in tier one among 
regional universities. The graduate program in nursing followed that up by being 
ranked among the top 100 programs in the U.S. out of almost 450 programs. 

The Spirit of Northwestern Marching Band had a wonderful 100* anniversary 
celebration. A large number of alumni returned to campus and enjoyed being part 
of the centennial band that performed several works including the Demon fight 

It was exciting to learn that the Demon Dazzlers dance line was first runner- 
up in Division I of the American Dance and Drill Team American Collegiate 
Championship held in Denton, Texas. This was the highest finish for the Dazzlers in 
national competition and the first time the group has competed in seven years. 

Our computer information systems students continued to excel at national 
competition. This year, the team of Steven Cambron and Dawson Wainwright won 
first place at the Association of Information Technology Professionals National 
Collegiate Conference in Orlando. This is the 11* time in 11 years that NSU 
students have won a national championship at this conference. 

As I am writing this letter, spring graduation ceremonies are nearing.We don't 
know precisely how many students will be in the Class of 2011 , but we know it will 
be an outstanding class. We hope to continue our trend of having record graduating 
classes. In 2010, Northwestern had the largest number of graduates of any calendar 
year in the university's history. 

The trends for fall enrollment are looking quite positive. We should have 
another exceptional freshman class that will help Northwestern continue to improve 
its retention and graduation rate. 

We deeply appreciate your faithful support of our beloved alma mater. 

William Drake Owens, 2004, 2005 

Director of" University Advancement 

Friends, I have been taken back by the fact that 
even in tough economic times, our supporters have 
demonstrated their commitment to the NSU community 
through their generous pledges and service to the school. 
I am pleased to announce that in the area of fund-raising 
NSU recorded a record-breaking year last year. Though large gifts are important, 
they do not minimize the pledges of smaller gifts. All contributions have impact, all 
are valuable and all are appreciated. As one donor said to me, "I know NSU needs 
this and, more importantly, the students need it." 

I am also pleased that so many alumni are becoming increasingly involved 
with the growing number of alumni chapters across the country. If there is not 
a chapter in your area, our office will work with you to start one. These groups 
offer social, community service and networking opportunities for our graduates and 
fnends and play a large role in helping us recruit promising prospective students. 

In the wake of all that has happened in the last year. I am continually grateful 
for the support and presence of you, our alumni. Thank you for your continued 
generosity to Northwestern and your commitment to the bright future of our great 

Alumni Columns 

Otiiciul Publication of 

NonhwcMcm Stale University 

Natchitoches. Louisiana 

Organized in 1SS4 

A member of CASE 

Volume XXI Number 2 Summer 201 1 

I he Alumni Columns (USPS 01 5480) is published 

b\ Northwestern Stale University. 

NatchitiKhes. Louisiana. 71 4'>7-(HKl2 

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and at additional mailing otTices. 

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Alumni C olumns. Northwestern State University. 

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Alumni Oflice Phone: 318-357-4414 and 888-7W-6486 

I AX: 318-357-4225 • F.-maiL o»cnsd(unsula.cdu 


President Joseph B. Siamev. NalchitiKhcs. 1983 

\ice President Tommv Chester. Natchitoches. 1969 

Secretary -Treasurer Dr. Lisa Mathews. Benton. 1992 

I Accutivc Director W. Drake Owens. 

Natchitoches. 2(K»4. 2005 


Mall Bailey Shrcveport. 2003 

Jerry Brungart Natchitoches. 1969. 1971 

Monty Chicola Alexandna. 1979. 1980 

Leonard Lndris Shreveport. 1974. 1975 

Ken Guidry NalchiliKhes. 1972 

Bobby Hebcrt New Orleans. 1983 

I rev Hill Carcncro. 1985 

Adrian Howard Bedford. TX. 1989 

I'alncia Hrapmann New Orleans. 1973. 1978 

(lail Jones NalchcA 1981. 1998 

MallKoury Lecsville. 1995 

Angela La.syone Natchitoches. 19X6 

Brvant Lewis Havncsvillc, 1958 

t arroll Long Longview. TX. 1970 

David Morgan Austin. TX. 1973 

Kip Patrick Washington. DC. 1995 

ClillPoimboeuf Shrevcptirt. 1984 

Dcnise Que/aire Baton Rouge. 2005 

(ilcnn lalbert Shrevepon. 1964 

C ascy Jo Thompson Shrevcp^irt. 2001 

( arlos Treadway Northville. Ml. 1992 

Marti \ienne NatchitiK'hc-s. 1982 

Rickv Walmsley Rogers. AR. 1985 

Mike Wilhum Shrcveport 1975 

Dr. Leonard Williams New Orleans. 1993 

C harlcs "Buddv" Wtxid Many. 1981 


\l.iik Djnu-K New Orlc.ins 

SOA President 

Publisher W. Drake Owens. :(HM. 2l»05 

Fditor Leah Pilchcr Jackson. 1994 

( onlribulors David West 

I>oug Ireland. 1986 
Major .Man Hardin. 1990 

Photography Gary Hardamon 

Drsign/Lavout Beth McPherson Mann. 1975 

NSr Press I'lihlK.iii.insOnicc 

Niirthwr.slini.'sliiulni\vrsitvi.saivn<liu-dl\\ tluCoiiiim— I'li 
(in ( "olU->,i'S iifttu' Stmt lii-ni .\.ts<KiiUion of l"olli>Ki's and .•> Ii' > i - 
1 1 ,>*«6 .'xiulhcni Ijmi-. IXviitur. OKXiruiii :K)0;J:i-409'7 Tfliph«iiii' 
SiHfiiilisl and I>iH"l«»r.»lt' dt'j^nt'?* 

It islhcjuiili-v ofNtirthwrstrni.'suitfl'nn-i'rsilv nfUnnsiana nt>l 
In dis4-nniinali- i>n I hi- Ki.sis of nuv. oilor. rvlipon. st'X. national 
on>nn.a>?'.ordisiibilil> in it.scduciitionid pnvr.ini.s. activities or 
I'lnplovniont practuvs. 

Cover: The name Collins Pavilion is pending Board approval. 

This public diK-unuMit was published at a total i-osl of 
SlT.O.'i.') 42..')00 copies of this public document wore 
publishiHl in this first pnntinf; iit a cost of $17.0.^.^. The 
total cost of all prinlinKs of this document. includinK 
reprints is JIT.O.Vi This document was published by 
Northv^estern State I'niversity OfTice of University 
Advancenienl and printed by Mornn Printing. Inc.. 
.142.') Florida Boulevard. Baton Roune. LA 70806 to 
foster and pn>mot<' the miitiialfv N'ni'ficial rvlalionship 
Ix'lv^'wn Northwestern .State University and its alumni, 
supporters and community partners This matenni was 
[inntt-d in aci-ordanoi' with standards for pnntinc by state 
agencies established pursuant to H S 4.1 :il PrinlinR 
of ihis material wiis piirrhasKMl in acoirdanci' with the 
pnivisions of Title 4:t of the Ixiiiisiana Revised .Statues, 

Collins Pavilion 

open for events 

Facility made possible 

by donation from 

Collins family 

Northwestern 's newest facil- 
ity, Collins Pavilion, debuted 
during two big events during the 
Spring semester- Spring Fling and 
the Natchitoches Relay for Life. 

During Spring Fling. Collins 
Pavilion eased the logistics of 
serving crawfish to hundreds of 
students, where the festive atmo- 
sphere included waterslides and 
games in and around the Demon 
Alley tailgating area and football 
practice field. The Pavilion was 
a focal point during the Relay for 
Life, a community fund raiser 
for the American Cancer Society, 
providing amenities for a meal and 

"The spring events were such 
a success and showcased the flex- 
ibility of the Pavilion so much that 
we can't wait for football season 
and tailgating to begin," said 
Drake Owens, director of Univer- 
sity Advancement. 

Ground broke last year on the 
4,200 square foot covered struc- 
ture, which was paid for through 
a private donation from Dannie 
and Molly Collins of Natchitoches 
specifically targeted for the proj- 

As alumni of NSU, Molly 
( 1 985 ) and Dannie ( 1 978) have 
been involved in many activi- 
ties through the years on campus. 
They are avid supporters and fans 
of NSU organizations, sports, and 
are loyal tailgaters. In April of 
2010, Dannie and Molly made the 
donation to fund construction of 
the Alumni Pavilion to set plans in 

The plan was to center the 
pavilion between the football sta- 
dium, coliseum, baseball/softball 
and tennis complex to allow for 
easy utility associated with each, 
as well as for other activities such 
as assemblies, reunions, cookouts 
and other outdoor events. 

"For years, Molly and I had 
the idea, or I guess you might say, 
a dream, to have a multi-purpose 

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Alumni Columns Summer 201 7/1 

Alumni News 

Pcivi/ion continued from page 1 

pavilion built near the football 
stadium," Dannie said. "About 
two years ago, I met w ith CJreg 
Burke, Dr. Will Broussard and 
Drake Owens, about just such 
a possibility. The pavilion 
concept caught them totally off 
guard, but the next morning 
Greg called and asked to meet 
again. They were so excited and 
100% committed and eager to 
proceed with the project. 

"Molly and I are \ery^ proud 
and pleased to see this pavil- 
ion finished and adding a new 
dimension to the NSU campus 
skyline. (3ur hope is that it will 
be used on a regular basis by 
the Alumni and Athletic As- 
sociations, student organiza- 
tions, community organizations, 
friends of NSU. and of course, 
we can't forget the tailgating 

"Also, we couldn't have 
done it w ithout the help of 
Drake Owens who was instru- 
mental in keeping this project 
alive and moving forward. 
Drake was always available and 
eager to meet with us and the 
contractor at the jobsite almost 
daily to address any issues. 
Also, a special thanks to my 
brother. Eddie Collins (1976) for 
helping kick off the project w ith 
preliminary drawings and pro- 
jections and to TB Architecture 
for managing the project free of 

"This pavilion is something 
that Molly and I wanted to do 
not onl\ for NSU, but for our 
children, Cassie and Daniel, 
and for the entire Collins and 
Dramzuct families w ho ha\ e 

a history of NSU graduates 
spanning generations. This is 
our way of saying "Thank You. 
NSU* for all that you ha\e done 
for Molly and I and our family. 
Go Demons." 

The Pa\ ilion features air 
conditioned storage, bathrooms 
and concession serving area, five 
flat screen tele\ isions and sur- 
round sound audio and has the 
capability to stream li\e games 
from the internet offering the 
possibility of hosting tailgates to 
watch away games. The Pa\ il- 
ion is available by reservation 
to the public for reunions and 
other e\ ents. For reserv ations 
and scheduling, contact Lynd- 
sey Miller, associate director of 
Alumni Affairs at (3 18) 357- 
4414 or e-mail millerl@nsula. 

The NSU Alumni .Associa- 
tion will be tailgating prior to 
exeiT 201 1 home football game 
at the Collins Pa\ ilion on the 
practice football field. Alumni 
can enjoy delicious food and a 
\ariet> of beverages at e\er\ 
game for S5 per person per 
game. No RSVP is necessary for 
home cames. 


Northwestern State University's 

Athletic Scholarship Auction will be held 

Saturday, Aug. 27 in Prather Coliseum 

The biennial event will include a dinner, live and silent auction, entertainment and 

a preview to NSU fall athletics. 
Proceeds benefit scholarships for student-athletes. 

For more information or to reserve a table, 
call the NSU Athletic Fieldhouse at (318) 357-5251. 

2 / Aliinmi Coliinms Siiniincr 201 1 

Visit our website at; 

Alumni News 

As of July 1 , there will be one year 
left in Northwestern's current capital cam- 
paign, "Excellence: Yesterday, Today and 
Tomorrow," which will end June 30, 2012. 

"The whole spectrum of our gradu- 
ates and supporters has responded to the 
call to support NSU," said Drake Owens, 
director of University Advancement. Gifts 
have come in the form of small pledges, 
million dollar estate gifts and corporate 
matching funds as the university strives 
to reach its goal of $25 million within the 
next year. 

"There is always a way to help," said 

For information on the Capital Cam- 
paign, contact Owens at (318) 357-4414. 



To get involved or for more information, contact the 
Chapter Leader in your area: 

Baton Rouge 




Livingston Parish 



New Orleans 

San Antonio 


Little Rock 



Shreveport Bossier 


Las Vegas 


East Te.xas 

North Carolina 

Debbie Harding 

Mandy Owens 

Brett Harris 

Lyn Hargrave 

Rhonda Johnson 

Fred & Chris Newman 

Margarate Ducote Cooper 

Leonard Williams 

Doris Westbrook 

Paul Darlington 

Jessica Breau.x 

Brian & Crista Hobbs 

Tom Putnam 

Ro Fiorentino 

Anita Helton 

Shelley Franklin 

Andy Baragona 

Lane Luckie 

Horace Johnson 


brett 1 

cnewman 1 OOfc/ 





Putnam. tomfi/ 





The North Carolina Chapter will meet Wednesday, Aug. 10 for a Durham 
Bulls baseball game in Durham, N.C. Chapter members can contact Horace 
Johnson at hojo(« to reserve tickets ($8). 

Jerrold McRae (2002) is organizing a formal alumni club for Former Demon 
Basketball Players and Coaches. If you are interested in joining the club or 
would like more information, please contact Jerrold McRae at jerroldmcrae@ 

COE seeking 
nominations for 
Hall of Distinguished 


Northwestern's College of 
Education Alumni Advisory Board 
is seeking nominations for its Hall 
of Distinguished Educators for 201 1. 
Nominees must have graduated from 
NSU's College of Education at least 30 
years prior to nomination. Inductees 
will participate in NSU Homecoming 
activities in the fall. 

If you know of an outstanding 
College of Education alumnus who 
has had a distinguished career in 
education, send the nominee's resume 
and/or other documentation outlining 
the reason for the nomination to 
NSU College of Education, c/o 
Janet Broadway, Northwestern State 
University, Natchitoches, LA 71497. 
Additional information is available by 
calling Broadway at (318) 357-6278 
or e-mailing 

The deadline for nominations is 
July 16. 

Philip J. Brunwald, GSM, 
(1999) right, submitted 
this photo of him and Col. 
Rick Fenoli (1988) that was 
taken at the former Russian 
Officer's Club in Kabul, 
Afghanistan. The two were 
also stationed together at 
Fort Polk/ J RTC in 1997. 


Alumni Columns Summer 201 7/3 

Alumni News 

Scholarship honors Northwestern 's oldest Hving graduate 

A scholarship has been estab- 
lished to honor a woman beheved to 
be Noilhwestem State University's 
oldest living graduate. The Mittie 
Oden Br\an Endowed Scholarship 
in Elementary Education honors the 
1925 alumna, who celebrated her 
104"^ birthday on Feb. 2. The schol- 
arship was established through a 
$10,000 donation to the NSU Foun- 
dation by Bryan's niece, Virginia 
Metcalf. a 1953 graduate of North- 
western, and was announced during a 
birthday celebration at Summerfield 
Retirement Center in Shreveport on 
Feb. 2. 

Bryan attended Louisiana Nor- 
mal, as NSU was known then, on a 
two-year scholarship after graduat- 
ing from Greenwood High School 
in 1923. She was born in Panola 
County, Texas, in 1907, one of seven 
children growing up near Bethany, a 

community on the Louisiana-Texas 
state line. She was the first person in 
her family to attend college. Her high 
praise of the school later influenced 
Metcalf to attend Northwestern. 

Bryan's first teaching job was 
at Webb Elementary, a one-room 
school on Greenwood Road, where 
she taught first through fifth grade for 
$100 per month. Webb Elementary 
closed in 1929 and students trans- 
ferred to Jewella Elementar\'. Br\an 
was a substitute teacher at four dif- 
ferent elementary schools - Jewella, 
Judson, Hillsdale and Sunset Acres 
-until 1965. 

"Teaching has meant so much to 
her and she's been a teacher all her 
life in one way or another." Metcalf 
said. "She wouldn't ha\e been able 
to go to college if she hadn't recei\ed 
her scholarship." 

First priority for the scholarship 

w ill be gi\en to * »-^* 

a student from 

the Greenwood 

area w ith a 

financial need. 

Metcalf said. 

special guests 
Bryan's birth- 
day celebra- 
tion, including 
Mayor Da\ id 
Hanson, w ho 
issued a proclamation declaring Feb. 
2 Mittie Oden Br^an Day. Tw o of 
her fornier students from Webb El- 
ementary, brothers Harold and Edgar 
Bland, aged 91 and 89. also attended 
the part\. 

Metcalf said Bryan enjoys good 
general health and "looks 90." 

Mittie Oden Bryan 

1933 graduate celebrates Centennial birthday 

Joe P. Durham Sr. of 
West Monroe, w ho graduated 
in 1933 from what was then 
Louisiana State Normal Col- 
lege in Natchitoches, reached 
the centuiy mark on Jan. 2S. 
The longtime Demon Ian 
was bom Jan. 2S. 1911, in the 
Atlanta community in Winn 
Parish to Joab and Ardelia 
Mcllwain Durham. He gradu- 
ated from Atlanta High School 
in 1927 and for the last three 
high school reunions has been 
the oldest graduate. 
.After graduating from Normal 
in 1933 he went to work as a 
teacher and coach at Sikes High School in Winn Parish, 
teaching chemistry and coaching basketball. I Ic then got 
his master's degree in chemistry from Louisiana Stale 
Liii\ersil\ in l^)3X. He taught at Wninfiekl High School 
until hMI uhcn he accepted a position with the food 
and Drug Administration in Atlanta, (ia.. an organization 

Joseph P. Durham 
Sr. IS pictured here 
enjoying a West 
Monroe football game. 

which he would continue working for until his retirement 
at age 63 in 1973. He was named District Director of the 
Minneapolis. Minn., district after ser\ ing as an inspector 
in Memphis and Charlotte. He retired in Dallas in 1973 as 
district director. 

I le w as married for 70 years to the late Claudia Shep- 
pard Durham who graduated from Normal in 193S with 
a teaching degree. They had two children, one. in the 
mid-193()s. was lost in a house fire, and the other. Joe P. 
Durham. Jr.. v\ho is also a resident of West Monroe. 

Among Durham's accomplishments was a trip to 
Mexico to meet with Mexican goxernment ofTicials 
concerning the amount of pesticides the Mexicans were 
sending into this countiy in the early 1970s. Based on 
his recommendations, the Mexican go\cniment made 
legislaticMi changes, which resulted in cutbacks of the 
amount of pesticides that would be brought in. His ac- 
complishments earned a ston in the Mexico City Spanish 
language new spaper. 

After his retirement he and his w ife tra\eled ex- 
tensi\el) and acti\el\ pursued his hunting and fishing 
prowess over much ol the upper Midwest, Wyoming and 

4 / A I II 111 111 L oil I 111 I IS Siiiiiiiicr HOI I 

X'Lsit our website a 

Alumni News 


From left: Major Anthony 
Duplechien, Captain Kenieth 
Mayweather, Major Alan Hardin 

western alumni reunite in Iraq 

An unusual reunion of sorts took 
place this past February when three 
NSU Alumni united at Camp Taji, 
Iraq. These three commissioned of- 
ficers and Army aviators are members 
of the Active Army, Army National 
Guard and the United States Army 
Reserve respectively. Each is assigned 
to units conducting combat aviation 
operations in support of Operation 
New Dawn (OND), fomierly known as 
Operation Iraqi Freedom, an overseas 
contingency operation which resulted 
from the terror attacks of Sept. 1 1 , 
2001. They pilot some of the Army's 
most advanced helicopters, the UH-60 
Blackhawk and the AH-64D Apache 

Captain Kenieth Mayweather, a 
member of the Theta Chi chapter of Al- 
pha Phi Alpha Fraternity, inc., gradu- 
ated from Northwestern with a Bach- 
elor of Science in psychology in May 
2007. He was a member of NSU Army 
ROTC and upon graduation was com- 
missioned as an Aviation Branch Sec- 
ond Lieutenant. Captain Mayweather 
completed his training in the AH-64D 
in December 2009 at the United States 
Army Aviation Center at Fort Rucker, 
Ala., where he earned his initial aero- 
nautical rating as an Army Aviator. 
His first assignment as an aviator was 
with the "Gunfighters" of the L' At- 
tack Reconnaissance Battalion (ARB), 
First Aviation Brigade (Demon), First 
Infantry Division ( 1 ID). The "Big Red 
1" as it is known because of its distinc- 
tive unit insignia is the oldest division 
in the United States Arniy having been 
in continuous ser\ ice since 1 9 1 7. As 
a member of Task Force "Gunfight- 
ers," Captain Mayweather served in a 
variety of roles including as a Battle 
Captain and later as a Platoon Leader 
in Charlie Company "Ghostriders." 
During his year long deployment to 
Iraq, he flew several hundred combat 
missions over Baghdad and central 

Iraq supporting both the U.S., Coali- 
tion, and Iraqi Armies as they continue 
to support the legitimate government 
of Iraq and the stateside redeployment 
of U.S. Forces. 

Major Anthony E. Duplechien 
graduated from Northv\ estem State 
Unix ersity with a Bachelor of Arts in 
Education in May 1993. At NSU, he 
was active in campus life as a member 
and officer of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fra- 
ternity and the Council for Exceptional 
Children. Anthony began his Army 
career as an enlisted soldier prior to 
attending NSU. In 1994, after a year as 
a special education teacher in Jeaner- 
ette. Anthony chose to pursue a career 
as an Amiy Aviation Wairant Officer 
by completing Initial Entry Rotary 
Wing flight training. Anthony attended 
the Officer Candidate School at Fort 
Benning, Ga.. earning a commission 
as an Aviation Branch Second Lieuten- 
ant in December 1999. In his 26 years 
of service the United States Army 
and the Army National Guard, Major 
Duplechien has served in a variety of 
assignments and locations around the 
world. His campaign ser\ ice includes 
Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield, 
the Kosovo Campaign, and Operation 
Iraqi Freedom 11. Currently he is serv- 
ing as the Battalion Operations Officer 
in the 1 st of the 1 7 1 st General Support 
Aviation Battalion Task Force "Dragon 
Masters" for Operation New Dawn 
with the mission to support the govern- 
ment of Iraq. Major Duplechien is a 
Pilot in Command and Maintenance 
Test Pilot in the UH-60 Blackhawk. 
He is a Master Amiy Aviator \\ ith over 
2,500 hours of rotary wing flight time. 
He is married to his college sweetheart, 
Melissa Dawn Cox (1993), who is 
also an alumna of Northwestern and 
a member of Phi Mu. They have two 
children Noah, 1 5. and Hannah, 1 1 . 

Major Alan Hardin received his 
undergraduate degree in Business Ad- 

ministration from Northwestern in May 
1990 and a Master of Aeronautical Sci- 
ence from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical 
University in 2010. During his time at 
NSU, Alan was involved in many cam- 
pus activities including athletics and 
was an officer in Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Fraternity. Alan was an enlisted soldier 
in the Louisiana Army National Guard 
prior to graduating from NSU. In 1990, 
he entered the Army Reserve and was 
selected to attend Officer Candidate 
School at Fort Benning where he was 
commissioned as an Aviation Branch 
Second Lieutenant in September 1992. 
He completed Initial Entr>- Rotary 
Wing flight training at Fort Rucker 
in January' 1 995 and was selected 
for advanced training in the AH-64A 
Apache. Major Hardin has served in 
many locations around the world in his 
22 years of service, including a tour 
as an Assistant Professor of Military 
Science at NSU. He has deployed to 
Central America, Bosnia-Herzegovina 
and Fort Hood, Texas. During deploy- 
ments, he conducted attack aviation 
operations in support of Operation 
Noble Eagle, and provided aviation 
support to the 43''' President of the 
United States and the Secret Service. 
Major Hardin is currently assigned 
as the Executive Officer and Second 
in Command of the 8"" Attack Recon- 
naissance Battalion, 229"' Aviation 
Regiment Task Force "Flying Tigers" 
in support of Operation New Dawn. 
He is a Master Anny Aviator with over 
2,200 hours of combined rotary wing 
experience. Major Hardin has served 
as a Pilot in Command in the AH-64A 
Apache, the UH-60 Blackhawk, and 
the AH-64D Longbow^ Apache. He is 
married to his sweetheart of more than 
20 years. Sheila Sampite' ( 1991, 2007) 
who is also an NSU alumna and a 
member of Sigma Sigma Sigma Soror- 
ity. They have two children, Daniel, 6, 
and Andrew, 1. 

Alumni Columns Summer 2011 / 5 

Alumni News 


^ Kicardo S. Dubois (1979) ol 
Raceland reigned as King Tee Frere 
Pinicnle IV during the Krewe de Red 
Hot Scott 20 1 1 Mardi Gras festivi- 
ties. Dubois is father to three chil- 
dren. Mega, Samantha and Marshall. 
His hohby is writing, and he has 
published more than a dozen books 
available online. Employed by Shell 
Chemical for 26 years, Dubios is on 
special assignment in Qatar, were the 
world's largest gas-to-liquid plant is 
preparing to come online. 

© Dr. Fitzgerald Hill ( 1991 ) was 
the featured speaker ibr the Benton 
Area Chamber of Commerce banquet 
earlier this year. Hill has served a 
president of Arkansas Baptist Col- 
lege in Little Rock since 2006. The 
former collegiate head football coach 
also serves as a Visiting Scholar/ 
guest lecturer and research associate 
under the leadership of Dr. Richard 
Lapchick at the University of Cen- 
tral Florida's Institute of Diversity 
and Fthics. He is co-founder of Life 
CHAMPS Youth Sports and Sports 
Management Agency, which strives 
to use the platform of sports for the 
positive development of young men 
and community development. 

Hill earned degrees in com- 
mumcations and physical education 
from Ouachita Baptist University in 
1987 and a master's degree in student 
personnel ser\ ices at NSU, where he 
served as a graduate assistant football 
coach during the I9(SS season. 

In 1 9S9. he served as a gradu- 
ate assistant football coach for the 
Arkansas Ra/orbacks. His coaching 
duties were interruptetl when he was 
summoned to mililaiA duties ni 1990. 

The veteran received the lironze 
Star and Commendation Medal for 
scr\ices in Operation Desert Shield 
and Desert Storm. 

In May of 1997. Hill was award- 
ed the Doctorate of Lducation degree 
from the Uni\ersity of Arkansas. 

Fitzuerald Hill is married to Dr. 

Cynthia Hill. The couple has two 
daughters. Destiny and Faith, and a 
son. Justice. 

@ Shelly F. Hynes (1999). an in- 
structor of astronomy and physics 
at the Louisi- 
11 ana School for 
Math. Science 
and the Arts, 
was selected 
as a 2011-12 
Albert Einstein 
Educator Fel- 
low by the 
National Science Foundation, Direc- 
torate of Geosciences. and Office of 
Polar Programs. 

During the next year. Shelly will 
work and live in Washington, D.C., as 
a policy maker working to impro\e 
educational opportunities for students 
in the areas of science, technology, 
engineering, and math (STEM). Her 
first assignment begins in .luly; she 
will join a group of Danish teachers 
and students on a field expedition to 
Greenland. She will also be in\ol\ed 
with the events surrounding the 100"' 
anniversary of Amundsen and Scott's 
expedition to the South Pole. 

Shelly has been an instructor at 
LSMSA for 10 years. She recei\ed 
her B.S. in physics with minors in 
chemistry and mathematics from 
Northwestern and her M.S. in applied 
pinsics w ith a minor in chemical 
engineering from the University of 
Louisiana at Lafayette. 

® Dr. Kli/ahcth IJatlalora (1994) 
has been appointed chairwoman o\' 
the Deparlnient of Nursing at LSU- 
Alexandria. Battalora has more than 
25 years of experience in clinical. 
militaiT and academic nursing. She 
has worked in ci\ilian hospitals in 
Alexandria. Marks\ille. UiWon f^ouge 
and New Orleans and was head nurse 
for the operating room post-anesthe- 
sia care unit at the U>cal VA Medical 

Center. She holds rank of colonel as 
a member of the Arm> Nurse Corps 
and has been awarded four Amiy 
Commendation Medals. 

Battalora taught at Louisiana 
College for se\eral years before join- 
ing the LSUA facultx. She holds de- 
grees from Oral Roberts University. 
Northw estem and No\ a Southeastern 

© James H. Hardin (1965. 1970. 
1992) has co-authored "Dri\ ing 
Operational Excellence." a book 
that was listed on Amazon. com's 
best seller list. The book discusses 
utilizing and analyzing data-driven 
decision-making. Hardin applies 
Lean Six Sigma concepts to dri\e 
operational excellence in education. 

Hardin earned bachelor's and 
master's degrees in education from 
NSU. as well as specialist's certifica- 
tion in education in counseling and 
administration. He was a four-\'ear 

1 lardin graduated from the 
National Superintendent Academy 
and earned a Master Lean Six Sigma 
Black Belt from Villano\a Uni\er- 
sity. In addition to his work in the 
education system, he has experience 
in pri\ate business, public relations 
and as a moti\ iational speaker. 

© Lane Luckic (2008) receixed 
the Outstanding .Mumni .'\ward for 
the Beta Omicron (NSU) chapter o\' 
Pi Kappa Phi fraternity as a highlight 
of the recent Da\ id Morgan Extra 
Mile Scholarship Dinner, when the 
iVaternitN spotlights the recipients 
of scholarships rewarding academic 
acliic\einent. campus and ciimmunit\ 
ser\ice. leadership in the fraternit\ 
and on campus, and persi>nal initia- 

riie members of the frateniity 
\ote for the Outstanding Alumni. 
Luckie. a Ibrmer .Archon (president) 
of the fraternity, remains very acti\e 
witii the cluiplei' iVom iieaibs I ulkin. 

6 / AJuniiii L\'>lunins SuniniciJi^ 1 1 

\'isit our website at 

Alumni News 

Texas, where he is a TV news anchor. 
He assists with operation of the chap- 
ter's website, providing pubHc rela- 
tions guidance, serves on the Alumni 
Housing Board, and has conducted 
seminars for the chapter on recruit- 
ment and alcohol awareness. Luckie 
serves the national Pi Kappa Phi 
organization as a facilitator for lead- 
ership and lifestyles topics at national 
and regional conferences, and is also 
an advisor for the developing chapter 
at Stephen F. Austin. 

w Theta Chi Fraternity named Ed- 
die Higginbotham (2010) a 201 1 
recipient of the North-American 
Interfratemity Conference's Un- 
dergraduate Award of Distinction, 
considered to be one of the most 
prestigious undergraduate honors in 
the interfratemity world. The NIC 
awards were presented April 10 in 
Washington, D.C. Eddie, also the 
fraternity's 2010 Colley Award win- 
ner, is the ninth Theta Chi individual 
to receive this honor from the NIC. 
Higginbotham 's win also marks the 
fifth consecutive year that a Theta 
Chi has received the Undergraduate 
Award of Distinction. 

w Author and public speaker Jerry 
Smith ( 1961 ) has published a book, 
"Does God Give Us More Than We 
Can Bear?," which tells of how he 
overcame many troubles throughout 
his life to find purpose, meaning and 
happiness. Smith travels, writes and 
talks with people about his battles 
with personal emotional issues and 
health issues in order to give hope to 
people who are suffering from child- 
hood traumas and severe illness. 

Smith lives with his wife Jan 
in northern Texas, where they both 
work in real estate. He holds a de- 
gree in accounting and is a certified 
public accountant. 

For more infonnation, visit 

w U.S. Geological Survey scientist 
Virginia Burkett (1973, 1975) of 
Many was awarded the 20 11 Na- 
tional Wildlife Federation's (NWF) 
Connie Award for Science, at the 
NWF awards gala in Washington, 
D.C, in April. 

Dr. Burkett shared the stage with 
other prestigious award winners, 
including actor Robert Redford and 
U.S. Senator Richard Lugar. The 
"Connie" Awards were established 
in 1 965 to recognize individuals 
and organizations playing a leader- 
ship role in advancing knowledge 
and action to protect and restore our 

USGS Senior Scientist for Cli- 
mate and Land Use Change, Burkett 
was an early leader in the movement 
for addressing climate change when 
she began focusing on the issue in 
1 990, and has since become known 
as one of the most knowledgeable 
and accomplished scientists in the 
field. Dr. Burkett was a Lead Author 
of the United Nation's Intergovern- 
mental Panel on Climate Change 
(IPCC) Third and Fourth Assessment 
Reports, for which the IPCC received 
the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. Her 
leadership in these efforts has con- 
tributed immensely to the public's 
understanding of the scientific basis 
for responding to global warming 
and land cover change. Dr. Burkett 
has been tireless in her efforts to edu- 
cate professional and lay audiences 
about climate change and its impacts 
on natural resources. 

Dr. Burkett was formerly chief 
of the Forest Ecology Branch at the 
USGS National Wetlands Research 
Center in Lafayette. She Burkett has 
also served as secretary/director of 
the Louisiana Department of Wildlife 
and Fisheries, acting director of the 
Louisiana Coastal Zone Manage- 
ment Program, and assistant director 
of the Louisiana Geological Survey. 
She received her doctoral degree in 
forestry from Stephen F. Austin State 
University in 1996. 

^ Dr. Mark Troxler, DO MBA 
FACP FACSM, (1991) received the 
Dr. C. Harmon Brown Award, the 

highest hon- 
or in Sports 
Medicine, at 
the annual 
meeting of 
USA Track 
& Field. 

The Dr. 
C. Hannon 

Award is given annually by USA 
Track & Field to honor an outstand- 
ing sports medicine physician. Dr. 
Troxler received the award from 
Dr. Bob Adams the Team Physician 
for the United States Olympic Track 
& Field Team and Coach Joe Vigil, 
a three-time United Sates Olympic 
track and field coach. 

w The accomplishments of Sue 
Weir Rainer ( 1960) were highlight- 
ed in the April issue of inRegister, a 
monthly magazine published in Ba- 
ton Rouge, which features a "person 
of character" each month. 

Rainer was recognized for her 
involvement in the Baton Rouge 
Symphony League, Louisiana Public 
Broadcasting, the Rotary Club, 
Opera Louisiane and the Woman's 
Victory Open and giving her time to 
volunteer with other worthy commu- 
nity service projects, with the motto 
"Make a difference. Make your life 
count." She is also a breast cancer 

At NSU, Rainer was an active 
member of Tri Sigma and was Pi 
Kappa Phi chapter Rose from 1958- 
59. She was an NCS cheerleader, a 
member of the Demonettes and sang 
in the College Singers. She and her 
husband Bob Rainer, a Baton Rouge 
attorney, actively attend NSU alumni 
events. They are the parents of two 
erown children. 

Alumni Columns Summer 201 1/1 

Alumni Gatherings 

son's Centennial Celebration 

The NSU Centennial Band featunng band alumni performed a concert that included the debut of an onginal 
composition by Martin Ellerby, "Cane River Murals," as well as selections that were performed by the NSU band 
in their first concert in 1911. 

1 ^^^r. .v-^ 






tfjT William E. Brent 
Till "Spirit of Northwestern '' 
*** Band Rehearsal Room 



^r^ ^H^P^IIH^HHI 





John McKay. Lori McKay (2000, 2001, 2002). 
Rachel Thomas, Suzi Bartz Leonard (2003) 

The NSU Band Room has been named for Dr. Bill Brend. direc- 
tor of the Mrs. H.D. Dear and Alice E Dear School of Creative 
and Performing Arts and director of bands. The announcement 
was made during the Spirit of Northwestern 100th anniversary 
concert. Brent has been at NSU for 28 years, increasing the 
number of band members from 48 to more than 300. From 
left are Student Government Association President and Spirit 
of Northwestern Marching Band member Mark Daniels, NSU 
President Dr. Randall J. Webb and Brent. 

Martin Ellerby, composer, talked with Jeff 
Mathews (1990). a key organizer of the event. 

8 / AJunuii Cohimns Summer JOI 1 

\'isit our website at: 


Alumni Gatherings 

Craig Pratt (1972), Suzi Pratt, 
Donna Dyer and Al Perrine (1976) 
were among the guests at the 
Band 100 event. 

Trey Corley (1 980), Karl Carpenter 
(1979), Terri Carpenter (1980), Al 
Hobson (1970) caught up duhng a 
reception In the Hanchey Gallery. 


Lance Fouts, Molly Johnson Fouts 
(1996), Mark Jordan (1983) and 
Ginger Robinson Jordan (1983) 
attended the Friday reception. 

Bob Upton (1980) and 
Valerie Clark (1997, 1998) 

Brandon Barnes (2000), 
Abe Anthony (1998, 2005), 
Jill Manning Barnes (2000) 

Kris Mitchell and 
David Glover (1994) 

Emily Populis (1993) and 
Rabon Vercher (1988) 

Caroline Beatty (taught 2004-05) 
and Scotty Dawson (2008) 

Suzanne Parker Causey (2006) 
and Pat Divietro (1985) 


Alumni Columns Summer 201 7/9 

Alumni Gatherings 

Scholars' College Reunion 


Former Scholars' College students reminisced during an April barbecue. About 100 Scholars' graduates and their 
guests attended the afternoon event and an evening reception. 

Dr. Curt Phifer auctioned bricks salvaged from the 
demolition of Boozman Hall, former home to many 
Scholars' College students. Each brick featured a 
commemorative plate. LSC is taking orders for bricks 
to be sold in conjunction with the College's 25th 
anniversary next year. 

Richard Shaffer (1990), left, was the first graduate to 
complete the Scholars' curriculum. He was given a 
Boozman brick as a door prize. 

Shreveport Gathering 

Wayne Earp (1 962), Wayne Veatch 
(1962) and Charles Varnell (1959) 
were among the guests and fhends 
who gathered in Shreveport for a 
spring reception. 

Above left: Retta (1967) and David (1967) Davis. Above right: Robin 
Fletcher (2002), Jason Fletcher, Robert Ramagos (2006) and Rita 
Ramagos (1971). 

1 / Aliiinni Cohutins Suinincr ZOl I 

Visit our website 

Alumni Gatherings 

Dallas/Fort Worth Gathering 

Shirley Hennigan (1967), Angela 
Hennigan Kelso (1995) and Jill 
Cantrell Morrison (1993) holding 
future Demons Randa Joleen 
Kelso and Madelyn Winn Morrison, 
and Bonnie Sue Cantrell (1956) 
gathered for a friendly photo. 

Gloria (1971) and Johnie Trask 

Josh Stanley (2005), Phillip Cooley 

(2004), David Bostick (2005) and 

Lindsey Bostick (2008) 

Houston Gathering 


Marcus Pitre (2006), Margeaux Fisher (2007), Francina 
Hollingsworth (1999), Keshia Dupas (1998), Flora Davis 
(1998) and Remesa Brown (1997) enjoyed the meal 
during the Houston gathering. 

Baton Rouge Gathering 

Ted and Carmen Jones 
hosted the Baton Rouge 
Gathering at the Country 
Club of Louisiana. 

Matt and Stefanie (1993, 1998) 

Amanda McClain (2004, 2008), 
James and Naomi (2004) Pipes 


Alumni Columns Summer 201 7/11 

Alumni Gatherings 

Lafayette Reception 

Alumni who attended the Lafayette alumni gathering were, left photo, Blayne Maynard (1982), Donna 
Byrne (1982), B.J. Harrington (1982) and Patrick Wartelle (1980). In the center photo are Loretta 
Gayneaux, Benjie Frederick (1 964), Carol Broussard (1 975, 1 976) and Johnnie Lee Smith (1 967, 1 969). 
In the right photo are Barron Wells (1965), Mardell Sibley (1984) and Nelwyn Wells (1960, 1965). 

New Orleans Reception 

Susan Russell (2000) and Shannon Rachal (1998) 

Al Claude (2008), Marissa Guidry (2008), Margaret 
Roberts (2009) and Susan Stringfield (1977) 

Bill Hoehstetler, Luke Manfre (1978) and 
Larry Gaudet (1973) 

Jason Raborn (2004), Shelly Roberts (2007) and 
Paul Shelton (2010) 

12 / Aluiiiiii Colinmis Siiimncr 201 1 

Visit our website at 

Alumni Gatherings 

Scholarship Banquet 

Donors, student, faculty and staff attended the annual spring scholarship banquet, which gives scholarship 
recipients and faculty a chance to meet the donors who have contributed to their education or department. 

Dot Scott, Robert Scott, Javier Villalonga, 

Claire Givens, Eva Wilson, Marcela Fernandez, 

Jennifer Womack and Jessica Lopez 

Jeffrey Berthelot, Lezlie Berthelot, Megan Berthelot, 

Carolyn Melancon, George Melancon 

and Marissa Lees 

Henry Maggie, Nita Maggie, Jason Edens, Karen 

Chatelain, Sean Crawford, Michelle Waskom, 

Carol Gunter and Jimmy Gunter 

Chesapeake Energy Scholarship Recipients: 

Cady White, Chesapeake Respresentative 

Jeff Holiday, Michael Chasteen and Colton Possoit. 

Michael Chasteen, Lizzy DeBlieux, Mary DeBlieux, 

Colleen Benefield, Colton Possoit 

and Antonio Beaudoin 

^^^^jA '^^^^^m^^^^^f^^^Si^^^^^^f^^^^m^^^^^&— .!^9^l 



r^^j^B 9HVI| 


BMhT^^^Hi^K-^^ ' tm 

Cody Beasley, Amber Hamous, Richard Bishop, 

Emily Collins, Orin Foster, Dr. William Broussard 

and Joey Lee 


Alumni Columns Summer 201 7/13 

Alumni Updates 


Joyce Therese 
O'Brien Williams 
is retired, married 
and lives in Bellaire, 


Nelda Carole 
Chance Ezernack is 
a retired teacher and 
lives in Benton 


Sherrie Hawthorne 
Phipps is retired 
and now working as 
an energy financial 
consultant. She is 
married and lives in 


Jesse Lee Nobles 
Jr. is an adjunct 
math instructor at 
Richmond School of 
Health and Tech- 
nology (RSHT). 
married and lives in 
Petersburg, Va. 


Hapi Bennett Phillips 
is a retired deputy 
sheriff and lives in 
West Monroe. 


Mabelle S. Rathburn 
is a retired educator, 
married and lives in 


Edward Michael 
Haskell is a self- em- 
ployed global inves- 
tor and president of 
Haskell's Holdings. 
He is married and 
lives in Liberty, Mo. 


Sheila Evette 
Alexander Cole- 
man is employed by 
Dallas Independent 
School Distnct as a 
third grade teacher, 
married and lives in 
Desoto, Texas. 


Katie I. Bowen Bulot 
is employed by LSU 
Foundation as an 
assistant to the CFG 
and Board Admin- 
istrator, marned to 
Mark Charles Bulot 
('02) and lives in 
Denham Springs. 


Jaime Leigh Tassin 
Cavitt is a sixth 
grade teacher at 
Helen Tyson Middle 
School, married and 
lives in Springdale, 


Melissa Elaine 
Snelling is a store 
manager for Max 
Studio/Leon Max Inc. 
and lives in Houston. 


Guy Benjamin Tassin 
is an emergency 
room radiology tech 
at LSU Medical 
Center and lives in 


Laura Elizabeth Wor- 
sham Mayeaux is 
employed at Thomp- 
son Home Health as 
a registered nurse/ 
care transition coor- 
dinator, marned and 
lives in Natchitoches. 

Fall Edition Feature 

Do you work in the movie industry or know a 
fellow Northwestern alum who does? 

Alumni Columns would like to profile some of our graduates 
working in different aspects of the movie business, 
particularly those in Louisiana. If you're interested, please 
contact Alumni Columns editor Leah Jackson, jacksonl@nsula. 
edu, or call [318] 357-6466. 

yn Kjlde?)i^'nt 


1 933 - Dr. Edward Greco. - February 2011, 

1936 - Dr. Marie Shaw Dunn, Feb. 18. 2011, 

1938 - Wayne Givens, August 6, 2009, 


1940 - Margaret Rush Braswell Benoit, Feb. 
8, 2011, Lake Charles 

1947 - Lloyd Donald Burns, Feb. 14, 2011, 

1949 - James Patrick Landreaux, April 6, 
2011, Corpus Christi, Texas 

1 949 - Dr. Douglas Calvin Westbrook, 201 1 . 
Denton, Texas 

1950-EmilyWillisKell, Feb. 8, 2011, 

1956 - Waple R. Lilley. March 26, 2011, 

1^"^ ^ 

1959-JamesF. Thigpen. Feb. 17.2011. 

1962 - Thomas "Bud" Brady, April 2. 1011. 

1967 - Joseph Samuel Mitchell Jr., May 29. 

2009. Deridder 

1974 - Edward Dale Thibodeaux, Sept. 8 

2010. Gueydan 

1978 - Elizabeth Anne Posey Mooney, March 
3,2011,Roswell, N.M. 

2001 -Dana Nicole Allbritton. Feb. 15, 2011, 

2006 - Lee Lee Summerell. April 17. 2011, 

2010-2"^ Lt. Joseph Gauthier, March 1 . 

2011. New Orleans 

Raymond "Chris" Christensen, April 13. 2011. 
Coppel. Texas 


For more Alumni I pdates 

please visit our yvehsite: 

w\vn\ north westernalumni. com 

1 4 / Alumni Co/u/n/is Suninicr 201 1 

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Alumni Updates 

fl^Hy I Love mV — 

Why I love NSU 
Stephanie Thapar 

I am a third generation DEMON. My grandfather, James Leslie Lum, graduated 
from Louisiana Normal School in the '20s. My mother and father, Kathryn Lum & 
Lynn Tod, graduated in the VOs and I graduated in 2000. I love NSU because it is 
more of a community rather than a school. My professors were always available 
to encourage and help me. The friendships I made were life-long and meaning- 
ful. Natchitoches is a beautiful place to grow as a young adult. I was able to work 
part-time, attend school, and play. As a teacher in Katy, Texas, I am always telling 
my students about NSU. My selling point is this: NSU is small enough so that pro- 
fessors know your name, but big enough to always meet someone new. The only 
thing I regret is not starting my college career at NSU. The best decision I ever 
made was finishing my college career at NSU. GO PURPLE and ORANGE!!! 

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-- ^^inB^ Check out the video, "A Day 

■ ^^ *■ ^^^^^^^M State University: on youtube. 

com. Go to http://www. or search for A Day in the Life at Northwestern State 
University. There, you will also find links to other 
NSU videos posted by friends and fans, such as one 
created by NSU art students to promote the Department 
of Fine & Graphic Art at 
watch?v=psakivxnjAD or search Northwestem Fine & 
Graphic Art. 

Alumni Columns Summer 201 1 / 1 5 

Alumni News 

Looking BAcK 

In 1960-61, the Northwestern band, under the direction of Dwight G. Davis participated in 
several activities, including the usual performances at half-time during the football season, concerts, 
pep rallies and parades. The Demons marched in the Forest Parade in Winnfield, the NSC-Tech pa- 
rade in Shreveport, the NSC Homecoming Parade and the Christmas Festival parade in Natchitoches. 

During football season, each senior instrumental major planned and taught the band a half-time 
show, giving them a chance to practice supervising and directing a band. During the spring, the 
band went on a three-day tour performing at numerous high schools around the state. 

The band presented a formal concert in the Fine Arts Building with music ranging from heavy 
symphonies written for bands to marches and light compositions of all types. Three to six pop con- 
certs were also given for several consecutive weeks featuring light selections to appeal to all types 
of musical tastes. 

Highlighting the band's activities was the second annual Band Banquet. The bandsmen and their 
dates enjoyed a banquet followed by entertainment and a formal dance. A highlight of the evening 
was the presentation of the Band Queen. 

As The Spirit of Northv^estern continues 
with their centennial celebration, can 
you name these majorettes from 1961? 
The first fi\ e alumni to call the Alumni 
C^Mitcr at (3 IX) 357-4414 w ith the correct 
answers will win a pri/e. 

Pictured in the Spring 2011 edition of 
Guess Who: Officers in the 1964 Associ- 
ated Men Students included David Carter, 
secretary; Randy Webb, vice president 
and Calbert Marcantel, president. 

Guess Who winners- 
limmy Berry - 1965 
Calbert Marcantel - 1966 

16 / Alumni CoJuiuiis Suninicr 20 n 

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Room lOICAthletic Fieldhouse 
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Prlumf (Of^L 


Northwestern State University 
Alumni Columns 
Natchitoches, LA 71497-0002 

Postage Paid 
Postal Permit 
USPS 015480 

The Northwestern State Demons wiii open 

the 2011 football season with a Thursday evening home field 
contest in Turpin Stadium against Delta State, a longtime Divi- 
sion II power that fell 20-17 in the national championship game 
last year. 

It is the first of five home games for Northwestern, with the 
other four on Saturdays, including appealing battles with long- 
time rivals McNeese, Stephen F. Austin and Southeastern Loui- 
siana. Homecoming is Oct. 15 with SLU visiting. 

The Demons return 59 lettermen and 16 offensive and de- 
fensive starters, nine back on offense, from last season. Among 


linebacker Derek Rose and junior safety Jamaal White. Rose 
earned All-America honors last year from The Sports Network 
and has a chance to join Gary Reasons as the only three-time 
Ail-American football standouts in school history.The addition of 
Delta State for a 6 p.m. contest on Sept. 1 completed a full 11- 
game slate for the Demons, the nations fourth-most improved 
Division I team last season. Northwestern had announced its 
original schedule in December and was set to play Henderson 
State for its season and home opener, before road games Sept. 
10 at LSU and Sept. 17 at SMU, but the Reddies subsequently 
dropped the matchup to instead play nearby old nval Central Ar- 

Said Demons' third-year head coach Bradley Dale Peveto, 
"We love the idea of playing the opening game, on Labor Day 

weekend, on Thursday night. It will give our student body a great 
rallying point to kick off our season, and our team loves playing 
in front of our students." 

Shifting the opening game from Saturday to Thursday, said 
athletics director Greg Burke, puts NSU among a large number 
of schools that are playing their home openers ahead of the La- 
bor Day weekend. 

The game will be the first Thursday evening home contest 
for Northwestern since a 41-21 win over Stephen F. Austin in 

The Demons and Statesmen will meet for the 31st time, the 
first since a 35-7 NSU victory in 2002. The teams first played in 
1933 with NSU holding a 15-13-2 edge in the series. 

2011 Demon Football Sched 












Baton Rouge 

7 00 



Dallas. TX 



@ Nicholls* 


5 30 






at Lamar* 

Beaumont, TX 

6 00 








@ Texas State* 

San Marcos. TX 







@ Sam Houston State* 

Hunlsville TX 

2 00